Dorie Colangelo plays Rockwood Music Hall

For fans of the later Joni Mitchell, Brooklyn-native Dorie Colangelo is the perfect fix. With a guitar in tow and an accompanying band, the songstress crafts mellow harmonies that are simple, yet sophisticated. Clearly adept in the art of soulful strumming, she plays effortlessly. However light, the drums and a bass complement the acoustic guitar nicely and the cello is a wonderful addition, giving her instrumentals a more classical, seasoned sound. Colangelo’s vocals are gentle and breathy, while retaining a certain depth due to her ever-so-slightly nasal bravado. Normally, this might be considered a bad thing, but for her it works sensationally—naturally, her voice combines sugar and spice into a cohesive whole. Though her songs have a definite romantic quality, she shies away from the naïve approach that characterizes the singer-songwriter genre. Ultimately, it’s evident that Colangelo is wise beyond her years, both as a musician and as a romantic.- Stephanie Freitag

Stephanie Freitag