Radar: Dorie Colangelo

New York songwriter Dorie Colangelo possesses one of those impossibly smoky voices, a larynx slathered with honey and slow roasted for days. We first heard Colangelo's dusky vocals a few years ago on her outstanding self-titled debut, a collection of sad-eyed folk hymns and odes to the lonely, heavy heart. "I create music for the long walk home in the dark", says Colangelo, an apt description of her mostly moody and melancholic songs. For her new six-track EP The Low, the Brooklynite adds a slightly brighter sound now and then, most notably on "Hotel Room" and the lithe and limber title track, while retaining the dark tones -- lyrically and musically -- that characterize her saturnine style. The Twin Peaks slow dance "Julie" is all fleeting shadows and spooky 3am meanders, Colangelo's near-whisper voice the narrator of impending minor-chord dread . "Beautiful Billy" is cautionary story of longing and obsession sung amid darkening clouds of overcast emotion, a doleful song that still manages to find it's own dark beauty in the heart of sweetly turned blues melody. Watch the video for "The Lonely One" from her debut below.

Dave Curtis