Jimmy Lloyd describes Dorie

If the adage is true that still waters do in fact run deep, than Dorie Colangelo is the personification of this age-old proverb. In person and upon first meeting her, one would have a hard time recognizing this depth. She is shy and a bit awkward, like the quiet, lovely girl in high school who inexplicably thought that nobody was looking at her.. But... when she takes her guitar to the stage she becomes a super-charged vessel of emotive transparency. Her songs explode with feelings of loss, love, longing and hope. With her smoky alto pipes evocative of Emmylou Harris, Colangelo is a breath of fresh air in an often seen-it-all songwriter scene. It’s with this unassuming charm that she sings lyrics of self-effacing heartache: "She won by a nose even though she wasn't pretty/But it's what you like, not what seems right, and she was ripe for the picking."

The tenderness of her voice invites the listener into a world of serene calm in the midst of a violent and mysterious storm. Her playing style is simple, effective and untrained - Dorie is a natural and was born to do this.

She is a precious stone in an age of plexiglass and twittered-up hype. She neither pretends nor asks of you. She doesn't have to. She simply gives her songs, her presence and her spirit.

Jimmy Lloyd