Radar: Dorie Colangelo
New York songwriter Dorie Colangelo possesses one of those impossibly smoky voices, a larynx slathered with honey and slow roasted for days. [Read More...]
MarilynMusic Lands Track On Dorie Colangelo's Album '63rd Street Recordings'
"MarilynMusic, a new music company leveraging decades of experience in both music and film/TV, announced that their song "To The Party" was featured on Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Dorie Colangelo's album '63rd Street Recordings', released this month." - [Read More...]
Dorie Colangelo plays Rockwood Music Hall
"For fans of the later Joni Mitchell, Brooklyn-native Dorie Colangelo is the perfect fix.... Ultimately, it’s evident that Colangelo is wise beyond her years, both as a musician and as a romantic" - Stephanie Freitag [Read More...]
Dorie Colangelo
Dorie Colangelo keeps a dying genre alive in a remarkably pleasant fashion. She has an intuitive sense of timing—the kind of timing that transforms a written piece of music into communication between living, breathing people. [Read More...]