A Message from Dorie on 8/31/12: 

I'm taking a break from music at the moment, but follow me on my cooking blog, BrooklynSalt.blogspot.com.

The brand new "All These Little Things" EP is here!  Buy it on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Also, put "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding" on your Netflix queue; my song "None the Wiser" is in the movie!

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Movie debut for "None The Wiser"!

Dorie's song  "None The Wiser" from her self titled debut album will be featured in the upcoming film, Peace Love and Misunderstanding directed by Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy, Mao's Last Dancer) starring Jane Fonda (Monster In Law), Catherine Keener (The 40 Year Old Virgin), Chase Crawford (Gossip Girls), Kyle MacLachlan (Sex and The City), and many more stars!

Watch the trailer here!





Dorie's All These Little Things EP!!

Right on the heels of Dorie's 2012 release, "The Low EP", comes her new "All These Little Things EP" featuring 7 new songs.  The digital only release is available now on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc!


Cover art by Alan Foreman

Dorie sings on Osage Orange album!

Dorie sings the bridge for Osage Orange's song, "Lying in my Grave".  Hear the song and see the video here:

Dorie sings backup on Jason Anderson's The Mark EP!

Check out the tunes here!


The Low EP reviewed on Direct Current...

"New York songwriter Dorie Colangelo possesses one of those impossibly smoky voices, a larynx slathered with honey and slow roasted for days." -Dave Curtis, Direct Current (music blog)

Dave Curtis reviews the debut album and the new The Low EP:

Click here to read the full article!


Radar: Dorie Colangelo
New York songwriter Dorie Colangelo possesses one of those impossibly smoky voices, a larynx slathered with honey and slow roasted for days. [Read More...]
New EP "The Low" released today!

The Low EP is finally here.  Check it out on CDBaby and iTunes!


Dorie is now a GINA Artist

Dorie is now a GINA Artist! 

GINA for MissingPersons FOUNDation was created in honor of Gina Bos, who disappeared from Lincoln, NE in October of 2000 after a performance. Her case had no scandal or suspect; she simply vanished. With no media hook, it became her family's challenge to create ways to gain attention for her and the thousands of people that simply vanish each year.

Each year, GINA For Missing Persons produces The Squeaky Wheel® Tour, a world-wide event consisting of talented musicians performing shows and profiling missing persons in their area.  To find out more, please click here.  For more information or to participate, please call us at 1-877-411-GINA.


Dorie interviewed by Elizabeth Smart and Good Morning America

On November 6th, The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase and Planet LA Records hosted an event at The Gibson/Baldwin Showroom in New York City to bring attention to missing and exploited persons in the United States. The afternoon concert brought New York area songwriters out to perform as part of the New York leg of "The Squeaky Wheel Tour" which ties in the songwriter community to the movement to find missing persons.

Ed and Elizabeth Smart were on hand to lend their support and Good Morning America filmed the event to be incorporated into a forthcoming segment on the long-running ABC morning show.

Elizabeth Smart interviewed Dorie Colangelo for the segment (pictures below):

Photos by Alan Foreman

Elizabeth Smart and Good Morning America at NYC Event
Local press and representatives from EMI were also in attendance to watch as accomplished songwriters including Emanuel Ayvas, Dorie Colangelo, Emily Mure and Jimmy Lloyd performed in between speakers who addressed the audience to talk about the many missing and exploited persons in the US who are never located and its ripple effects on the families and communities of the missing. Elizabeth and Ed Smart spoke specifically about abduction prevention education for children. [Read More...]