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Dorie Colangelo
Dorie Colangelo
Album Cover
Released: Oct 1, 2008
Track Listing
1 She's Golden
2 Holiday
3 The Lonely One
4 None The Wiser
5 Keep Me Waiting
6 Hollywood
7 Let Down
8 Rain Comes
9 That's The Life
10 World Without Love
11 One Night Stand

Liner Notes

Dorie Colangelo: Dorie Colangelo


All songs written by Dorie Colangelo

Produced by Joanne Perica and Philip Maniatty

Engineered by Philip Maniatty at The Stone Groove Recording Studio, New Canaan, CT

Mixed by Mark Turrigiano

Mastered by Mike Caffrey/Monster Island Recording Studios, NYC

Acoustic Guitar and all vocals: Dorie Colangelo

Drums and percussion: Rob Draghi (Thank You GMS Drums)

Bass: Roberto Ruiz

Electric Guitar: Robin Macatangay

Electric and Acoustic Guitar on "Keep Me Waiting": Brian Forbes

Cello: David Sharpe

Cover Photography: Christopher Draghi

Art Direction and cover design: Christopher Draghi


Dorie Colangelo
The Deli Magazine
Dorie Colangelo keeps a dying genre alive in a remarkably pleasant fashion. She has an intuitive sense of timing—the kind of timing that transforms a written piece of music into communication between living, breathing people. [Read More...]