"I create music for the long walk home in the dark, after a break up I guess" says Dorie Colangelo, a self-taught singer, songwriter and guitar player from Brooklyn, NY.

From 2002 to 2004, Dorie was mentored by producer Jimmy Ienner (John Lennon, Bay City Rollers, Three Dog Night) who helped shape her songwriting, performance skills, image and sound (and even dubbed her with the short lived stage name, Dorie Vance).  Her pop-tinged demos garnered the attention of major labels but were later turned down for being not quite pop enough.

After some soul searching, Dorie stepped back from the pop world and returned to her folk/alt-country roots resulting in her 2008 self titled debut album which was recorded live in the studio in 3 days.  "I wanted to make a record like they did in the good old days, where musicians got in a room and just laid down the songs live.  No pitch correction, no do-overs, no punching in.  And that's what I did." 

The album's "None The Wiser" track was placed in Bruce Beresford's latest film, "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding" (June 2012) starring Elizabeth Olsen, Chase Crawford, Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener. Her live performance of the album's "The Lonely One" track airs nationwide on WNBC's Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase.

Dorie continues to stay true to her folk and alt-country roots and has recently released six song EP, "The Low" and seven song EP "All These Little Things" which is described as "a collection of grown up lullabies peppered with the old timey sounds of the glockenspiel, bangitar and flugelhorn".